Íslendingar og þróun matvæla

Julian Cribb er sérfræðingur í miðlun vísindalegrar þekkingar og hefur skrifað mikið um fæðuöryggi heimsins sem hann segir fara dvínandi ár frá ári. Eftirspurn eftir mat á heimsvísu sé við það að verða meiri en framboð og þetta muni ágerast ár frá ári. Tvöfalda þurfi matvælaframleiðslu heimsins á næstu 50 árum og við loftslagsbreytingum verði þekking Íslendinga á búskap á erfiðum landsvæðum mikilvæg og jafnvel útflutningsafurð.

Í samtali við Fréttablaðið telur Cribb Íslendinga eiga mikil tækifæri vegna þessa.

Frétt og heimildir eru hér.



The dinning room planned as a market place with stalls and communal spaces.

Cooperation with the locals in Höfn and surrounding area has increased slowly during the days while the workshop is being run. The students have become connected to the local companies and the locals generally through informal meetings and requests. Last night was a meat night mostly to discuss differences and other opportunities. Friday evening will in the end be a marine product dinner, but of course there is agricultural products, spices etc all the time and links to the local producers have been growing during the days.

Here are some images from the 3rd evening, a different scenario setup, kind of like a market and social theater in the dining room.


Amazing variety coming from only Cod products. More photographs from the presentation and food preparation.

The first effort for dinner and food exploration from materials brought in at Höfn was on cod products. This was decided to try out the differences and potentials that come from limitation of material. Later we will explore further types of sea and maybe land food materials. Here are some images from the first experimental dinner.

Click here for more images.

The team that attacked the first project evening. Great effort, material and cultural understanding and cooperation. We will soon publish the materials and providers for the first dinner.

Setting up the dinner presentation.


A small preparation photo album.

We in the Academy are preparing for visiting Höfn after the weekend, discussing methods and potential results and methods. Materials from the sea will be based on what comes out of the sea each day and the students have to be prepared to act to what comes up in relation to their wishes and the directions that they like to play. It will be great the dialogue with the locals each time and find what is going on. Of course we will only know what happened after the week itself when we return and reflect on design and art in cooperation with local industries that are both very traditional and experimental at the same time.

In school we are preparing for the unexpected and have started collecting possible materials and support systems for what can happen. Here is a photo of some of the stuff that we think we might need. The week will be fun surely.