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Aphrodisiac Appetizer

Garlic roasted lobster from Skinney-Þinganes, served with bluberries and pink caviar, also from Skinney-Þinganes.

Sensual Starter 

Herring from Skinney-Þinganes, marinated with ginger, chili, lime and garlic , sautéed and served on a bed of spinach with homemade potato chips from Árnanes, topped with pink caviar.

Moaning Main Course 

Two kinds of mackerel, one prepared with blueberries and sage, from Dilksnes, and the other birch smoked, using plates from Heimamarkaðurinn.

Served  withe surrel pesto (hundasúru pestó), handpicked in the land of Dilksnes, sage potato chips along with rhubarb, white wine and mint purrée.

The Dirty Dessert 

Colostrum pudding from Árbær á Mýrum, topped with pearl sugar and vanilla Madagaskar and chocolate ice-cream from Árbær á Mýrum, served with blueberry and Brennivín sauce and Mojito sprinkles.

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