The local company in Höfn: Skinney-Þinganes is one of the more powerful fish products developers in Iceland. The statement of the company is that the workers are the most important element in the company. The understanding of methods and materials and how to respond to ever changing conditions. The company operates with very many foreign external companies and they maintain that only 0,3% of the production goes to consumption in Iceland itself. The boats bring in very varied fish materials and every day the processing has to respond to the fish products that the boats bring in. Every day is a response to conditions out at sea and of course to requests from shoppers abroad. The company developes fresh fish products like herring, cod, lobster, haddock etc. This is very much fresh frosen and salted. The company maintains that its most important product is lobster that is almost completely sold abroad.

Skinney – Thinganes is an all-season company whose production cycle begins with the herring season, which lasts from September to the end of January, followed by the capelin season and the cod season. The lobster season then commences in the spring and lasts until midsummer.

The company will be 65 years old this year and is opening up an exhibition about its history the week when we will be visiting them and experimenting with the materials that come into our hands. Here is a little text about the exhibition.

The company runs the label BLUMARIS, something they call a line of packaged seafood for export and dissemination. We can see more about the food provided here.

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